Ghost of Tsushima Pc Download on Windows Platforms Supported

Ghost of Tsushima Game Available On The Windows Platform

Ghost of Tsushima Game Available On The Windows Platform

Ghost of Tsushima PC Download game is world-wide famous video game. This game is action and adventure game. If you are play game then your character is Jin Sakai, a samurai. This person trying to protect Tsushima Island. If you see big world and you can explore many things and places by walking or riding a horse. If you are fight enemies, then you use your own sword and defeat enemies.

It provide many mode you can choose anyone and playing. If you choose multiplayer mode then you can join your friends. This game can define culture history to japan. This game inspired by samurai movies. Additionally, This game developer try to something new feature added. Ghost of tsushima latest version they decided to focus on hand by hand combat for this game. If you see Shadow of the Colossus, and the places in the game were designed to look great in pictures.

This game is history is first release PlayStation 4 in 4 July 2020. After that 2021 August, is work on both PlayStation 4 and 5. This game is also available on Windows platforms in 16 May 2024. Many peoples loved this game and liked it. This game provide goods graphics, character acting and music. Additionally, This game is received some big wards like Game of the year Award 2020.

This game is adventures. You see everything from behind the character. It provide many missions to do while playing. Ghost of Tsushima revenue this game now you talk other players. The bad guy in the game is a tough and smart leader from the Mongol Empire called Khotun Khan. It provide many characters like Onibaba, the High Priestess, and Ippei the Monk.

Ghost of Tsushima PC release date on PlayStation and Windows:

This game is have beautiful places. In this game main character can fight off the Mongol Empire. Your goal is to take revenge for destroy of your home. If you are playing this game then this game rule is strict of a samurai. If you need transform then you can change from Jin. This Jin is known as The Ghost. Additionally, your own stories and problems to solve.

The PC version of Ghost of Tsushima is added features like graphics settings, changing resolutions, manage controls for mouse and keyboards. This game is better view of the game world if you are use better monitor. This game is graphics cool if your monitor is support. If you are latest technology like NVIDA Graphic cards using and powerful system.

It is a video game where you play third person character view. You have different ways to reach your goals. Additionally, You can fight face to face enemies with your swords. You can unlock Ghost power if you need. This power can kill enemies with one hit for a short time. You have bow with different types of arrows. Jin also have many special weapons for defeat enemies.

Jin have smoke bombs, you get a blowgun that shoots poison darts. Automatically Jin restore health and use special moves. You unlock many fighting styles if you see ads. Additionally, If you complete missions then you receive awards.

Ghost of Tsushima Game Available On The Windows Platform

Ghost of Tsushima Torrent File Free:

You win awards unique armors and moves. Now you can upgrade armors and clothes using materials if you find. In addition, you customize Jin editing like masks, helmets, and headbands. Now I will tell you this games modes and characters. There are four classes you can choose one. Samurai, hunter, ronin, and assassin. Each class has own skilled and strength or powers. If you need unlock features then you pay. If you are complete upgrade then you become powerful stronger.

You can play in different mode like Story. If you choose story mode then you and another player can team up to complete missions. If you finish missions then you unlock levels, new goals, and rewards. Additionally, You and other player has resolved problems and issues.

If you choose Survival mode then you and three others players can fight of enemies together. Additionally, If you survival long term then you gain new abilities to help out. If you are choose Rivals. Additionally, This mode is competition between two teams of two players each. You try to complete mission and faster way. You can earn coins to buy things that make it harder for the other team to win.

Ghost of Tsushima Game Available On The Windows Platform

Key Features of Ghost of Tsushima PC Download:

  • This game is big open world and you can explore many islands, including forests, mountains, and villagers.
  • Additionally, This game is designed and interact of Tsushima during the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274.
  • Your player have Samurai swords by defeat enemies.
  • Additionally, You have fighting abilities, skilled and weapons like bombs etc.
  • Jin can utilize skills as the Ghost techniques such as killing, and defeat enemy strongholds and outpost.
  • Additionally, Players can customize Jin’s appearance and abilities as they progress through the game.
  • This games unlocking new combat techniques, armor sets, and upgrades for Jin weapons.
  • Additionally, This game is dynamic weather like day and night.
  • This game is provide excellent graphics and better sounds quality.
  • Now in this game you can capture places, islands, allow players to capture landscape, battles, amazing moments with this game.
  • Additionally, Players can adjust many settings, apply filters, manipulate camera to create and share their own screenshots and videos.

Technical Setup Details of Ghost of Tsushima PC Download:

Operating System Windows and MacOS
Latest Version 2.08
License Free
Developer Name Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Software Release Date PlayStation 4 July17,2020, PlayStation 5August 20, 2021, Windows May 16, 2024
Application Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture: 64Bit (x64) 32Bit (x86)
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Ghost of Tsushima PC requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1, 10 and now 11.
  • Graphic Card: 1GB.
  • Processor: 3.0GHz.
  • Memory (RAM): 8GB.
  • Storage: 20GB.

How To Download & Install Ghost of Tsushima 2?

  • Firstly, download this game into in this article.
  • Below download link show.
  • After downloading disable antivirus and firewall.
  • Now extract file with any zip tool like (WinRAR, 7Zip).
  • Now install setup with all follow instructions guidelines.
  • All clear and restart system.
  • Additionally, Now play game and enjoy.


Ghost of tsushima latest version game is most advance action and adventure game. Additionally, if you are new gamer then I recommend you can play this game free cost and enjoy. Additionally, If you are gamer then you loved it. In addition this game can many received awards. Many peoples loved this game story and missions. you can enjoy this game Minecraft Cracked Version.

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