Heavenly Bodies Apk With Unlock All Features Free Download

Heavenly Bodies Apk Latest Version Free Downlaod

Heavenly Bodies Apk With Unlock All Features Free Download

Heavenly Bodies Apk is a worldwide famous video game which can about space exploration. In this game you are astronaut. If you are playing this game then your experience the daily tasks and work astronauts. It is your duty. Your main goal is to explore different objects in space and change their colors as they move. It offer gamers can play this game and enjoy space. It is big opportunity for players to see. Only you just reading or watching videos about space.

If you are playing this game then you feel real space and astronauts. In addition, It has two different places like Space and Earth. It has zero gravity and very little air pressure. If you have to stay inside a spacecraft now you can safe. If you are follows astronaut instructions then you alive. Players can become expert and unique life. It has many tasks like observing the colors of objects.

If you ready playing game then you firstly follow trainings. This training will prepare you to become astronaut and playing different missions. You can learn of settings and get practice in this game. Additionally, if you are smart and knowing importance then you finish the training quickly. You need to healthy and able to handle being in space where there is no gravity and lots of pressure to survive.

Heavenly Space Free Access With Cracked:

This can hardworking to make sure them and others safe in space. Once you are trained, you can join the team on the spaceship. Now you can do everything from controlling the spacecraft to doing experiments and fixing things in space. In addition, players learn how heavenly objects change colors. It has different reasons why this happens. When big reasons is when light from stars and other space material like planet and comets, interact with each other.

You can see your atmosphere and environment in space can affect how these looks. Additionally, You can discover and explore interesting things about space. You can learn about scientific topics related to Earth while having fun.  In addition, You can change and move things in this mode. Now you can control the astronaut arm and adjust to the space environment. This game is full and fun enjoyment. You can make your dream projects.

This game provide smooth experience. If you download this game then below download details and read here. You can explore huge universe and watching how it changes every day. You can control things and manage settings and upgrade skills. In addition, But remember, space has zero gravity, so moving can be difficult. It is an adventure game where you become a space investigator at a research station in space.

Heavenly Bodies Apk With Unlock All Features Free Download

Heavenly Bodies Apk Obb With Modes:

You can do job is science experiments, searching mysteries, and solve problems. The game give you special experience with accurate physics and easy controls. In addition, You can control characters, moving tools like handles to move and turn in space and can perform tasks. It is environment to difficult. It offer you can explore labs bunkers, and outside areas.

Additionally, It provide great music, best graphics. It feel real space world to make a unique game for players. In addition, If you are ready space journey in this application. You will face some challenges astronauts face every day. This game provide cool missions, real physics, and teamwork. It became special experience. In addition, This game is full battle and fight with enemies. Additionally, it become you brave warrior who take on challenges.

It is a unique game with cool things, exploration, combat, and adventure. It has many unique battles. This game is out stand. The world of adventure games has excellent gameplay and many gamers loved this. In addition, It provide user interface easy to use and manage easily. If you battle then he is red and yellow sun. I suggestion you can read this article Iron Man 1 Game Download.

Heavenly Bodies Apk With Unlock All Features Free Download

Key Features of Heavenly Bodies:

  • It has more challenges and exciting space journey.
  • Additionally, It provide cool graphics features and feel real.
  • It provide user friendly controls in zero gravity with real physics.
  • Additionally, It provide labs, living areas, and many more things for searches.
  • Additionally, complete many tasks and challenges that require problem solving in space.
  • You can play with team to complete missions and explore many things with in space station.
  • This game provide real time sky based on your location.
  • Additionally, It help identify stars, planets, and many things.
  • In addition, It offer detailed information about planets and materials.
  • Additionally, This game provide powerful telescope, allowing users to explore distant galaxies.
  • You can adjust settings and filters.
  • Additionally, If you are new gamer then this game provide guideline for new users.
  • In addition, You can capture photos in space.
  • Additionally, Now users allows to share their astrophotography with a community.
  • It can provide details about spacecraft, launch dates, mission’s objectives, and live updates.
  • Additionally, It offers multimedia content such as images and videos from space missions.
  • Now you can become level of expert in this game and gain space knowledge.
  • Additionally, Users can create personalized observing plans based on their interest and equipment.
  • It provide best viewing time and location
  • In addition, Now in this game it is facilitates discussions, Q&A sessions, and knowledge and sharing.
  • Additionally, If you are not internet connections then you enables users to access certain features, such as sky maps and resources.


  • Additionally, It offers wide range of features and provide best gaming experience.
  • It is easy for user to control many functions with features and access the information they need quickly.
  • Additionally, Users can easily identify and learn about objects visible from their current location.
  • It provide educational resources, tutorials, and articles, making it learning tool.
  • Additionally, Now users can ask questions if any face issues.
  • Users can customize plans, adjust settings, enhancing experience.
  • Additionally, Now this application is offline mode allows users can easily access without any internet connections.


  • While it offer offline mode, then some feature is require internet connections.
  • Additionally, This app offer premium features but he paid, you can subscription use.
  • This app receive personal information or location data.
  • Additionally, This app supports a limited number of languages.

Technical Setup Details:

Operating System Android and iOS
Latest Version 1.0
License Free
Developer Name Celestial Creations
Software Release Date Dec 7, 2021
Application Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture: 64Bit (x64) 32Bit (x86)
Website Link Games For PC [Torrent Files]

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 7.0 (Nougat) or iOS 12.0
  • Processor (CPU): Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 150 MB.
  • Internet Connection: Required for initial setup, updates, and certain features.
  • GPS: Required for location-based features such as real-time sky maps.
  • Display: 720×1280 pixels Screen resolution.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope.

How To Download & Install Heavenly Bodies Apk?

  • Firstly, download this Apk from this article.
  • Below download link show.
  • If your device is compatible then this application run.
  • After downloading copy file with mobile phone and paste here.
  • Now install setup follow all instructions.
  • After that you playing this game.

Heavenly Bodies Apk is an advance astronaut space game in the world. Many peoples playing this game and enjoy. This game provide new ideas and things. Additionally, If you are new gamer then I recommend you, playing this gam

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